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    In 2018 we have found ourselves living in science fiction

    The year is 2018 and we have found ourselves living in a world that would have only belonged in science fiction movies back in the ‘90s. We were always told in school not to use calculators as “you won’t always have a calculator with you in the real world”. Now, we not only have calculators on our mobile phones but a whole plethora of handy applications and games. Aside from proving our former teachers wrong, technology has shown us some incredible advances in the later years. We have become that dream of the future we all shared as kids in the ‘90s and only continue to become more and more advanced as the years go on.

    Having said that; is this necessarily a good thing? In many ways, of course it is. But think of the negative impacts this technological age has brought with it.
    Wherever we go, we see people have become reliant on the technology. People of all ages and from all walks of life walk around, staring at the screens they have come to rely on for day-to-day living. Gone are the days of conversation as at any sign of a conversation breaking out and distracting people from their screens, someone always suggests a quick “Google”. We aren’t even capable of full independent thought any more. We rely on technology to do it for us and it’s turning us slowly into zombies.

    I remember being a child. It was a long time ago, but I remember and I remember fondly. I remember spending whole weeks during the Summer holidays building dens, climbing trees, playing football and winging on homemade rope swings. I had to be near-dragged in when it was time to go home and on the occasions that I was grounded, I was devastated. Being cooked-up in my room while my friends enjoyed the outdoor world was my idea of Hell on earth.

    Fast forward twenty years, I have kids of my own and what technology has done to childhood is a sad sight to behold. In my army of children, I have an 11-year-old that would rather stare at Minecraft than socialise. He has to be coerced to go out and enjoy himself instead and it kills me that being a kid isn’t his main priority and I die a little when I see his stone-washed face, with glazed eyes staring robotically at his tablet screen or TV. This is what being a kid has become and having to encourage an 11-year-old to socialise is alien to me.

    In my older child (19) I feel the problem is social media. He seems to live his life with his head in his phone talking to his mates rather than going out and enjoying a pint of lager or a football game with them. Where’s the sense? Instagram has become his second home and Facebook his digital retreat and again, it just doesn’t sit right. Instagram is admittedly a great concept and I use it myself for business purposes along websites to help me get more Instagram followers. It can be a great feeling when you hit your targeted amount of followers or post likes, but nothing in comparison to having an actual thriving, healthy social life.

    It seems that kids feel it’s the norm to live like this. It’s an awesome day out there weather-wise and I’m now going to go and enjoy a few beers with some friends. I mean, I am actually going to go out and not that I am going to post a photo on Instagram or open up Skype and talk to other friends that are drinking. I am so lucky to have lived in a day and age before technology took over. After all, it does have its downsides.